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Is Delivery/installation included in the cost?

Yes, it is. Unless you are on Waiheke Island, then there will incur an extra ferry cost. If you are outside the greater Auckland area you will need to contact us for pricing.

What happens if the letters get damaged?

We pride ourselves in building letters/symbols that can withstand a lot. These are not flimsy in any way. The likelihood of them being damaged is pretty limited. However, in the event there is, we put a $500 hold on your credit card the week of your event and release it the day we collect. Obviously the bank will need to do their thing, but it will never be us that holds this process up.

Can our letters be used outdoors?

Yes, our letters/symbols have been built to withstand the elements. So if they are outside and it starts raining, everything is perfectly safe. All our letters are ticketed (which means they have all be tested and tagged by an electrician.

Can you change up the letters?

Yes, we have flexibility to change up our existing letters/symbols, to allow for the appearing of coloured letters and we have options for coloured bulbs. This is especially good for baby showers, of if you want your letters to match your colours for your wedding.

Can you custom make something?

Yes, we have an amazingly talented sign maker in our team, who can create almost anything. If its something we could potentially hire out again, we will create and hire it to you, however, if its personal to you, your wedding or event, then you can purchase it outright. It will be tagged by an electrician to ensure its safe.